Cat® 525D

main Features

Reduced operating costs
Increased overall efficiency. Extended service intervals to limit maintenance costs.
High performance
Six-speed transmission with more speeds in the working range and lockable torque converter to optimize ground speed and traction power.
Stability at any event
Better weight distribution and longer wheelbase to maintain the stability of the skidder, even when cornering.
Fast cycle times
High performance multifunction hydraulic system reduces time


The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine has demonstrated on the ground that it delivers increased power while consuming less fuel than its predecessors.
The C7.1 ACERT Engine meets Tier 3 / Stage IIIA emission standards. It is clean and quiet while providing outstanding durability and performance. New and proven technologies were incorporated to ensure that customer needs would not result in increased operating costs, reduced productive time and longer life. Engine
benefits from patented ACERT technology and turbocharging with intelligent boost pressure limiter technology that improves responsiveness and reduces noise.

Cooling system

The high capacity cooling system and variable speed reversing directional fan and hydraulic drive maintain the machine at
appropriate operation, optimizing its performance,
its longevity and energy efficiency. The circuit, designed
to meet the cooling requirements of the 555D, is common to all models. It increases the energy efficiency and capacity of the smaller model


Ground power is a major advantage of the Cat D series. Axles are specifically designed for skidding applications and gear ratios result in power generation in axles, which reduces
the torque in the transmission and driveline, extending their service life.
The performance and life of the drawbar has been improved.

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