Cat® 6020B


We have developed the 6020B, completely redesigned to give you the simplicity of use and the reliability
that you expect, thanks to innovative features that give it a leg up on our competitors:
State-of-the-art, enhanced security cabin offers unparalleled visibility.
Simplified maintenance thanks to a unique exchangeable and through feed module.
Advanced efficiency with dedicated pump flow technology.
On-site assembly time reduced thanks to a modular design.


Fuel economy with unmatched energy efficiency
Our innovative patent-pending pump flow technology helps optimize the use of the hydraulic pump, reduce energy losses and increase fuel economy. .
The free position feature of the boom also improves energy efficiency and allows for extra fuel economy.

Cooling system

Our system is independent of the return oil circuit, which improves the efficiency thanks to the use of dedicated pumps providing a cooling capacity according to the needs, that the engine is idling or under load. This results in the maintenance of the optimum oil temperature, even when the driver is waiting to load the next truck. The hydraulic loader excavators of our competitors only provide cooling when the machine is running and the engine is under load.

power supply module

Our exchangeable power module, which contains the operating systems essential to the machine's operation, can be quickly removed and replaced with a spare power supply module to increase the productive time of the machine. machine.
This feature also allows you to move the module
outside the production area in order to be able to
perform maintenance and repairs in a safe, convenient and clean place.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.