Cat® 950GC


The new Cat® 950 GC Wheel Loader is specifically designed to handle all your jobsite tasks, from materials handling to dump loading, general construction and stockpiling. By design, this machine is ideal for your daily work. The excellent machine performance, combined with low operating costs, makes the 950 GC Loader the smart choice for your business.
A wide variety of quick connect and quick connect accessories are available for 950 GC Loader applications. Cat Work Tools work tools are rugged, reliable and designed to deliver performance and efficiency to your Cat wheel loader.


Performance buckets have an optimized shape, a longer bottom, curved sidewalls and a wider opening, which reduces loading times and offers high fill factors from 100% to 115%, while improving retention of materials. They load easily and carry more! The unique spill protection protects the cabin and wheelhouse components from falling material. This design ensures safer use, shorter cycles, reduced fuel consumption and greater overall efficiency in production.


The 950 GC Loader Linkage delivers excellent breakout force and good bucket rectification angle for more efficient bucket loading and load retention. The handling arms have optimal dump height and reach, to best fit many truck dump heights. The lifting and returning positions in the excavation position can be adjusted on the wheelhouse.


The 950 GC is equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic system that provides only the flow and pressure required for the equipment circuit, improving machine productivity and ensuring low fuel consumption. Drivers will also notice the excellent balance of power between rim and equipment.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.