Cat® 725C


Robust and durable Cat C9.3 ACERT Engine Platform, with EPA Tier 2 for USA / Stage II for the European Union. The Advanced Productivity Electronic Control (APECS) strategy offers flexible transmission that enhances acceleration and increases productivity.
The Cat C9.3 ACERT Engine continues the breakthroughs in providing industry-leading engine technology for Caterpillar-developed systems and components with proven reliability.

The Cat C9.3 ACERT engine utilizes the common rail high pressure electronic control system to power the injectors.

speed reducer

Integral transmission retarder with high power density. Thanks to its compact design, the oil filling is carried out quickly, for an increased response time and a higher retarding power. The deceleration levels are automatically reduced on the lower slopes in the lower gear ratios.


The three-point front suspension oscillates ± 6 ° to provide a smooth ride, allowing the driver to move quickly over rough terrain. It dampens impact on structures and components with an oscillating A-frame with side pulling to control lateral movement of the axle. The wide bore and low pressure cylinders are specially designed for tough applications and allow smooth, smooth driving.


The traction control system consists of interpont differentials and wet clutch axle differentials that can be engaged and disengaged "on the fly".
It simultaneously locks the tractor and trailer drive circuits and changes the torque distribution for excellent traction on difficult terrain and on slopes. It is operated via a switch located on the footrest.

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