Cat® M320D2


The C7.1 ACERT Engine complies with Stage III Stage IIIA off-road emission standards and equivalent emissions standards at Tier 3 / Stage IIIA, while delivering optimum performance, efficiency and performance. Energy efficiency and superior reliability. Concretely, this means more work done in a day, lower operating costs and minimal impact on the environment.
Product Link ™ allows you to monitor the machine remotely, improve the performance of your fleet and reduce your costs. Your Cat dealer can help you space your service intervals. In practice, this means fewer products and liquids consumed and discarded - in other words, reduced operating costs.
Lubrication filters and draining procedures are designed to avoid spills. Cat Axial O-rings, Cat XT ™ -6 ES Flexibles help you prevent leaks that could reduce the performance of your equipment.

Easy to use and efficient

The driving position is designed for the sake of functionality and ease of use. The most frequently used function buttons are centralized on the console on the right. Features such as Heavy Lift Mode, Stunt Control * or SmartBoom ™ ™ * not only increase productivity, but also reduce driver fatigue. You can rely on the high-resolution LCD monitor that is easy to read and displayed in your language - so you will not miss any important information. The shortcut buttons allow the driver to quickly access his favorite functions. The tool selection feature allows you to select up to ten predefined hydraulic equipment to quickly change tools.


Various configurations of the undercarriage are available, in order to offer you the solution best adapted to your working environment, particularly as regards the delivery blades or the stabilizers. Stabilizers can be individually controlled to stabilize the machine horizontally even on light slopes. This system minimizes the oscillation effect associated with free work on wheels. The disc braking circuit acts directly on the hub, instead of the drive shaft, to prevent any play in the planetary gear. The axle design reduces costs throughout the service life. Oil change intervals can be up to 2,000 hours depending on machine usage.

Easy maintenance

Periodic Oil Sampling S · O · S SM: Improves performance and longevity. This system anticipates potential failures and increases the hydraulic oil change intervals up to 6000 hours. Fuel Filters and Water Separator: The new filtration system is suitable for demanding working conditions, even with poor quality fuel. The new primary filter provides optimized filtration and works in conjunction with a water separator. Fuel filters are designed to last up to 500 hours (250 hours with very poor fuel quality). The primary fuel filter includes a fuel priming pump, a water level switch, and a visual restriction indicator.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.