Cat® 216B3


With its many work tool options, the compact rigid loader is ideal for construction, site planning, agriculture and other applications. It offers the reliability, durability and excellent productivity characteristics of Cat. The B3 Series features the following additional features to help you out in the field: Optional suspension seat for increased driver comfort. Easy-to-read dashboards. Optional air conditioner and heater for extra comfort in extreme conditions. Standard floor mat with footrest provides a non-slip surface that can be easily removed for cleaning. Padded armrest with ergonomic contours to ensure driver comfort.


Maximum power and reliability are the main advantages of the hydraulic system of the machine. In addition to the power required to drive the wheels, this circuit also feeds the lift and tilt functions, the auxiliary circuit, which drives the work tools, and the engine cooling fan. The hydraulic pumps are driven directly by the engine for maximum performance and reliability, without any intermediate belt. The hydraulic system also features: A standard auxiliary hydraulic system that supplies work tools connected by hydraulic quick couplers securely anchored to the loader arm. Cat ToughGuard ™ hoses improve reliability and longevity.


A side-by-side cooling system and a hydraulically controlled cooling fan optimize the cooling capacity. The high-performance hydraulic oil cooler allows the machine to work longer and more efficiently in higher ambient temperatures, even with continuous use of a work tool. The high efficiency hydraulic cooling fan provides cooling even when the machine is charging. The optional variable speed fan increases fuel efficiency, increases machine efficiency and reduces noise levels while improving cold weather performance.

CAT engine

The high performance powertrain provides very high engine torque and power. The B3 Series models are equipped with rugged and reliable Cat engines, compliant with US EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Level IIIA standards. The accelerator pedals and joysticks allow the driver to better adapt the engine speed to the task at hand. The throttle is ideal for work that requires consistent engine speed, such as cold surfacing, trenching or snow removal. The accelerator pedal allows the driver to vary the engine speed and limit fuel consumption for other uses such as loading / hauling, truck loading, leveling and unloading.

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