Cat® 12K


The K Series Grader is exceptionally reliable. The improved productivity and longevity of Cat graders allows you to take full advantage of your machine's potential. The Cat C7 engine, direct-drive Powershift transmission and load-sensing hydraulics work together to deliver the power and precision required in harsh environments. In addition, Cat graders are supported by Cat's leading network of dealers to keep your machines running smoothly.
The Cat C7 engine with ACERT technology utilizes electronic control, precision fuel injection and optimized air management to deliver exceptional performance and reduce emissions. Variable Power (VHP), standard, increases the power at high ratios. The electronic throttle control ensures easier, more precise and more consistent throttle operation. Engine over-speed protection prevents downshifting until an acceptable travel speed has been achieved.

hydraulic circuit

A variable displacement, load sensing pump and advanced hydraulic valves provide increased equipment control and improve machine performance. Hydraulic flow and pressure continuously matched to the power demand generate less heat and reduce energy consumption.


Hydraulic system valves are specifically designed for each of the hydraulic functions of the motor grader. They compensate for variations in flow demand depending on the cylinder size and the volume difference between the rod end (blue) and the head (red) side of the cylinder. Whether the cylinder is in extension or re-entry, the result is thus regular and predictable.


Equipment distributors provide predictable system response and exceptional sensitivity for unmatched equipment control. To maintain the exact blade adjustment, lock valves are incorporated in all control valves. Line relief valves are also integrated with given control valves to protect the cylinders against overpressurization.

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