Cat® D5R2

main Features

The Cat® D5R builds on Caterpillar's unrivaled world-class expertise in the design and manufacture of track-and-field tractors over the past century. The new model combines field proven, reliable and durable Cat components with technical developments that improve fuel efficiency and driver comfort while speeding up production and reducing operating costs. Featuring heavy-duty structures, a raised drive undercarriage, a differential steering system, a load-sensing hydraulic system and an integrated powertrain, the D5R delivers optimum performance in a wide range of applications, including large-scale backflow, careful finishing, ripping, clearing, backfilling and sanitary landfill operations.

Structures and hydraulic circuit

The D5R's design is built around an exceptionally strong mainframe, designed to withstand shock and torsional forces. A large diameter pivot shaft bolted to the main frame operates with a keyed suspension beam to provide independent oscillation of the boxed frame frames. This results in precise alignment and optimal ground contact without the need for diagonal struts.


The D5R's Cat C6.6 engine delivers a maximum net power of 120 kW (161 HP) and meets the EU's standard Stage IIIA emission standards (US EPA Tier 3 standard). Electronic controls continually adjust the fuel supply according to changes in altitude, temperature and fuel quality to ensure consistent and fuel-efficient performance on any job site. A new aluminum flat profile radiator effectively cools the engine at high ambient temperatures and offers increased resistance to corrosion and abrasion.


Caterpillar track tractors are designed for easy maintenance with modular components and easy access to daily maintenance points. In addition, their design allows accurate and instant diagnostics. The D5R's periodic oil sampling ports (SOSSM) are used to evaluate the health of the machine. They collect liquid samples from the circuits that will be analyzed to identify potential problems upstream and thus save significant amounts of repair and downtime.

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