The Group in countries that can face difficult conditions, requiring close collaboration between compliance officers and operational staff on an ongoing basis. We developed our organisation and compliance programme to provide support to our teams in their daily work and ensure that they achieve their targets in the right way.


Optorg cares just as much about the means used to achieve its goals as the goals themselves. The Group has established an Ethics Charter that reflects this strong belief, which sets forth the principles that all employees must follow in their daily work (respect for others, compliance with trade rules and regulations, and respect for company property), as well as an initiative designed to ensure that these rules are disseminated, understood and observed.


Our compliance programme is founded on a systematic risk analysis across the entire company and all its subsidiaries. Based on this analysis, we define the measures that need to be implemented to ensure compliance with the law and minimise risks. Another key component of our compliance programme is guaranteeing the integrity of our partners and associates.