With a comprehensive range of original spare parts, we are able to meet all your business needs by providing you with quality products that meet the stringent requirements imposed by the manufacturers.


Availability depends first and foremost on knowing what machines and generator sets our customers have in their fleets, their types and how heavily they are used so we can provide you with the service level you need to and limit machine and generator set downtime.


The quality of our parts is a key strength of our dealership, which is why every Cat® spare part is an original Cat® spare part, whether new or remanufactured. Cat® parts ensure the optimal functioning of your equipment and thus increase its service life. Their reliability prevents unplanned downtime, thereby increasing the profitability of your business.


We regularly conduct targeted market studies for each product so that we can price our products correctly and fairly. In addition, we commit to keeping our prices stable so that you can accurately plan ahead for the maintenance costs of your machines and generator sets.


Lead-time is very important to us and we will keep you up to date on the exact arrival time of your parts, either by picking them straight off the shelf, or via an express service which we track and control to minimise the unpredictability of airport procedures.


We ensure regular communication with our customers to arrange free level 1 technical inspections, provide regular updates and keep you informed of new developments related to spare parts.