Almost 1,000 technicians, regularly trained as part of individual training programmes, are available to help you with every stage of your project. Tractafric Equipment helps you acquire your equipment: project design, advice, commissioning, etc.

For the maintenance and repair of your machines, Tractafric Equipment offers a wide range of services, from one-off repairs to full service contracts :

  • Periodic inspections
  • Preventive analysis: monitoring your fleet, oil analysis, contamination control, etc.
  • Full service contract: maintenance & repair
  • Temporary personnel


All of our offices have “Caterpillar contamination control” certification. We offer specialised services to meet your specific needs, such as hose assembly, component reconditioning, system testing or undercarriage servicing.


Wherever you are, our professional teams are there to assist. Our team of mobile technicians travel directly to your worksite to inspect your vehicles and provide any necessary repairs, while ensuring the highest level of quality.


When you acquire machines and equipment at Tractafric Equipment, we offer a qualified, experienced and certified "Product Support Service Engineer" for your company. The role of the PSSE is to regularly visit you on site to advise you and provide support and assistance to optimise your fleet of equipment. You are offered these inspection visits as they are part of the service offered by Tractafric Equipment. In addition, the PSSE can assist you with the following actions: :

  • Inspection schedules/Technical analyses (Level 1)
  • Schedule Oil Sampling
  • "Custom Track" Service

Numerous customers realise the importance we place on providing a high level of product support, as well as the support provided through on-site inspection services. More than ever, it enables us to prove to them that they are working with the world’s most advanced brand, receiving the highest standards of service. The continuous investments we are making in this area are by far our greatest strength highlighting our commitment to "excellence in customer service" at the heart of our business model.


Effective preventive maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your machines operating efficiently. We can provide you with a customised Preventive Maintenance programme that you can manage yourself, using spare part kits that meet your unique and specific needs.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our certified and experienced technicians to carry out this service, at a reduced cost, either on your site or at our workshop. Our fully equipped vehicles, manned by our technicians, carry out thousands of preventive maintenance jobs every year, saving you expensive downtime and freeing up your teams to focus on their daily tasks and responsibilities. Our experts are on hand to help you reach your objectives, by minimising the risks related to machine functioning.

TA1 is a free inspection programme provided by Tractafric Equipment. This programme is based on visual and operational observations of performance indicators. The results of the inspection are reported using inspection check lists and comments related to equipment performance.

TA2 is an inspection programme used to pinpoint problems identified in TA1 inspections. It requires the use of specific diagnostic tools and extensive knowledge to interpret test results. TA2 gives you a clear, in-depth indication of the condition of your equipment. TA2 is therefore a cost and downtime saving programme that tells exactly what you need to do and when in terms of maintenance, spare parts, etc. A fully detailed inspection and diagnostic report is provided for each inspection visit, along with performance analysis and a recommended course of action to ensure the optimal functioning of your equipment.


Tractafric Equipment Training Department boasts the Caterpillar “Service Training Excellence” qualification, specialising in machine driving, maintenance and repair training courses designed through partnerships with the manufacturers.

The Department is in charge of the vocational training of Tractafric Equipment teams, aimed at constantly upgrading and developing their expertise and know-how.

Depending on your requirements, the courses can be organised on the customer sites or in one of training centres. Tractafric Equipment has centres in Cameroon, Gabon, the DRC and Equatorial Guinea, together with a large Training and Conference Centre (TCC) in Casablanca, Morocco.

The TTC has a 750 m² workshop for practical training courses, 7 classrooms with video projectors, screens and a sound system, as well as the capacity to accommodate up to 1,900 trainees each year. The Centre can also accommodate Campuses, with proven knowledge in the organisation events (transport, accommodation, visas, etc.).

The Tractafric Equipment Training Department also extends its services to the group’s customers, with a wide range of off-the-shelf or personalised services to :

  • help them recruit their teams: drivers, technicians, etc.
  • support them in the career development of their technicians through the TCDP (Technician Career Developer Programme), which consists of 4 stages: measurement of knowledge, definition of an individual training plan, training and certification.
  • training technicians in various professions and methods: transmission, hydraulics, electricity, engines, machine maintenance, etc.
  • training operators through specialised courses by sector: Public works, mining, forestry, etc.
  • training site manages in site optimisation: choice of machines, machine routes, management of machine movements, movement optimisation, etc.