Cat® 924K


The Cat 924K is the new benchmark for productivity, fuel efficiency and driver comfort. The improved Z-linkage has been optimized to provide the fast loading performance of a traditional Z-linkage, plus the ability to parallel and load a toolholder. The high torque, low speed C7.1 ACERT engine works in tandem with an intelligent hydrostatic power train to deliver high fuel efficiency as standard.
Driving modes associated with the very first Hystat system ?? Caterpillar designed with four unique powertrain settings allows you to meet the demands of your applications while adapting to your personal preferences. Select the classic torque converter for greater flexibility, the classic Hystat system for aggressive engine braking, the Ice mode to optimize vehicle control on slippery surfaces or the default mode that uses the best features of the Hystat system and the converter. of couple. The touch-sensitive keys and the optional second display allow you to configure machine performance with precision and ease. You can also quickly adjust the hydraulic response as well as wheelhouse disengagement positions, maximum wheel torque and maximum ground speed to efficiently perform multiple tasks.


Enjoy the energy efficiency of hybrid machines equipped with a smart hydrostatic powertrain that allows you to achieve the best fuel economy in the market with a rpm lower maximum motor (1,600 rpm only in Standard mode). With Caterpillar's new "Power-By-Range" technology, enjoy power when you need it: it boosts power in range 4 to accelerate in the rises es. For your most demanding and challenging applications, a new Performance Mode increases power and hydraulic speed in all ranges to get the job done even faster. Compliant with US EPA Tier 3 and European Stage IIIA emission standards, the C7.1 ACERT ™ Cat® engine is fully autonomous. So you can fully focus on your work.


Move more materials with Caterpillar's patented equipment: the Performance Series quick-load buckets and the optimized Z-linkage that combines the excavation efficiency of a traditional Z-linkage with the functionality of toolholders. Its parallel lift and tilt forces across its entire operating range allow you to handle loads safely and confidently, while emphasizing precise control. Multi-function applications have never been easier thanks to the dedicated pumps for each circuit and a flow-sharing equipment distributor managed by an intelligent power management system. Raise, steer and maneuver simultaneously, without any compromise. The small wheel loader of the K series simply obeys your finger and eye!


Take a seat inside the new K-Series small wheel loader and enjoy excellent all-around visibility and low-effort joystick controls, which follow your movements on the fully adjustable suspension seat. Generous cockpit dimensions combined with Caterpillar's exclusive hydraulic cylinder damping system and predictable, smooth and predictable controls make it the most comfortable seat on the job site.

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