Cat® 775G


Caterpillar is pleased to introduce the 775G Dump Truck. Perhaps you're wondering how, after 40 years of effort, Caterpillar has been able to further improve its support for your business? The G series dumpers have been designed and manufactured using the latest technologies, both in terms of software and hardware. Prior to its launch in production, this product has been tested for over 30,000 hours by customers to ensure it is ready for operation, reliable and robust. In addition to its inherent qualities, Caterpillar's G Series dumpers will help you cut costs by limiting fuel consumption in seven ways. We offer two customizable fuel economy modes for you to choose the desired level. Adding Caterpillar G Series dumpers to your fleet will increase your productivity, dedicate less time to maintenance, and work on the ecology through efficiency. Your staff will appreciate the comfort and all the new amenities of the cabin we have redesigned. In summary, Caterpillar G Series dumpers can and will make a difference in your business and with your employees.


Optimum ergonomics with ideally positioned controls
Improved braking design and increased performance
Engine braking option associated with automatic retarder control
Improved ergonomics and activation of the retarder lever
Mirror options including heated and concave models
Needs-adjustable seats with suspension and three-point seatbelt
Instructor or folding seat for increased work space
Monitoring liquid levels in the cabin
Warning and information messages related to incidents that could affect machine performance


The G-Series introduces a new planetary power shift transmission control principle called APECS. APECS takes advantage of the Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) by adding a mid-acceleration shift and torque management function based on shifting. It offers exceptional comfort and driving quality worthy of a car. APECS also maintains torque and momentum between gears for increased performance on slopes. The result is a fast start from a standstill, an exceptional level of flexibility during gear changes and unparalleled ride quality.


A new steering-sensitive traction control system differentiates between tire slippage and high-speed cornering. This system now uses hydraulically operated brakes (instead of spring-loaded auxiliary brakes) to allow them to be engaged earlier and at lower speeds. The Series G traction control system delivers instant power and braking between the two sets of wheels, providing a more accurate response to the condition of the terrain and helping give the truck a good seat as quickly as possible.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.