Cat® 773E


The G Series represents a new era for the 773. Our goal being to ensure your long-term success, we've designed a more productive and economical truck. Indeed, it offers your drivers the confidence, comfort and control necessary for optimal operation. Plus, it can power your crushers and transport your materials at a lower cost per ton. Add to that its performance and fuel efficiency, the 773G is undoubtedly the ideal truck for our generation.
The 773G boasts a rugged construction for added security.
Rollover and fall protection frame integrated into the cabin structure
Emergency exit from the cab by the right hinged window
Front and left side windows in laminated glass
Engine stop at ground level for added convenience and safety
A reversing alarm indicates the movements of the truck in advance


Simplified cab access and effortless
Ergonomic and intuitive controls
Electric window lifter on the left
Automatic temperature control inside the cab
Possible locking of the accelerator for long uphill climbs
Spacious cabin with a glass surface offering great visibility
Built-in footrest for your comfort and support


Automatic retarder control reduces driver effort and controls braking on steep slopes
Visible machine performance and condition information at a glance with clear indicators and Advisor display
Management performance benefiting from a design now aligning tires
Dependable braking power with time-resistant brakes, specially designed for field applications and 773G supported loads
Traction control now senses the steering and uses the brakes to control wheel spin. This results in faster activation and faster wheel spin time.


The Advisor Display and VIMS ™ software are indispensable reporting tools that allow you to analyze the following elements:

Productivity, efficient track transport, driver skill
Fuel consumption, cycle time, idle time
State of the machine and incidents

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.