Cat® 745C


With a capacity of 25 cubic meters (32.7 yd3) and 41 metric tons (45.2 tons US), the new Cat 745C offers proven reliability and durability, a high level of productivity and superior comfort for the driver. It also reduces operating costs. Engineered for high productivity, the 745C features many upgraded and updated features, a brand new powertrain and easy-to-use features, including automatic retarder control.
Each Cat engine with ACERT Technology that meets Tier 2 / Stage II emission standards is equipped with a proven set of components for electronics, fuel, air and aftertreatment. Application-specific technologies provide the following benefits:
High machine efficiency in a wide range of applications.
Greater reliability through intercompatibility and simplicity of design.
Optimize productive time and reduce costs with world-class support from the Cat dealer network.
Greater fuel savings: lower maintenance costs while providing the same power and responsiveness.


MEUI-C advanced mechanical power injectors provide higher injection pressures and improve the accuracy of injection rates. These durable injectors improve responsiveness while controlling soot levels.


A larger diameter torque converter, configured for on-site applications, optimizes the transmission of higher engine power to the lower powertrain.


In automatic mode, the use of the retarder is much easier for the driver. Like ATC, many aspects of machine operation are monitored, and the engine compression brake is automatically engaged as needed. The system can help eliminate engine over-revving, thereby improving machine utilization safely and reducing cycle times while providing the flexibility of manual control when needed.

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