Cat® 444F2


Caterpillar has a proven record in the construction equipment industry and has been producing high quality machines for 90 years, bringing progress and driving positive and lasting change on every continent. Caterpillar has been producing the British-built backhoe loader for 30 years. From Series A to the new F2 series, we have designed a truly user-driven machine that focuses on reliability, power and the driver's seat. We've combined 30 years of passion, know-how and experience to create the latest Caterpillar F2 backhoe loader.


This six-speed transmission adapts perfectly to the current application. Whether you are on the road between two job sites or using the loader function, she carefully selects the appropriate gear. The gearbox has been fine-tuned, which makes the gear changes softer and improves the maximum speed, for a more efficient and comfortable driving experience.


The Cat F2 series backhoe loaders feature an all-new Advanced Power Management System (APMS).

The APMS system allows the operator to adjust the machine in ECO mode to provide significant fuel savings.
Offering a perfect balance of power and economy, the APMS system saves fuel without affecting productivity.


The lockable torque converter provides a direct connection between the power unit and the transmission in the road travel reports. This translates into a 16% reduction in fuel consumption and an 11% increase in average speed. The lockable torque converter is a valuable addition for those traveling between jobsites.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.