Cat® 432F2


Caterpillar has a proven record in the construction equipment industry and has been producing high quality machines for 90 years, bringing progress and driving positive and lasting change on every continent. Caterpillar has been producing the British-built backhoe loader for 30 years. From Series A to the new F2 series, we have designed a truly user-driven machine that focuses on reliability, power and the driver's seat. We've combined 30 years of passion, know-how and experience to create the latest Caterpillar F2 backhoe loader.


With a power of 74.5 kW, it is designed to meet Stage II or Stage IIIA EU standards, while offering outstanding performance in all applications.
Exceptional fuel savings help reduce operating costs.
Featuring a robust power pack, this motor has been used in many Cat divisions for a number of years and remains a popular option today, offering power in the most demanding situations.
Leading-edge manufacturing processes combined with proven basic engine designs ensure reliability, quiet operation and longevity of equipment.


The Cat F2 series backhoe loaders feature an all-new Advanced Power Management System (APMS).

The APMS system allows the operator to adjust the machine in ECO mode to provide significant fuel savings.
Offering a perfect balance of power and economy, the APMS system saves fuel without affecting productivity.

lifting and loading

The loader's parallel loader arms provide excellent front visibility and automatic leveling, ensuring optimum material retention throughout the lift and lower cycles.
The Steam Control option provides suspension to the loader to improve ride comfort when traveling on site or transporting the machine by road. It also offers better material retention, which translates into a significant increase in productivity.
The excavation return system brings the bucket back to the ground, an advantage for repetitive cycle applications.
The optional hydraulic quick coupler allows you to change work tools simply and safely. The quick coupler also provides access to a wide range of Cat work tools.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.