Cat® 545D


Building on Caterpillar's 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of tank tops, Cat® D-Series Wheeled Tractors offer superior productivity at lower operating costs. Carry more wood to the unloading area, faster and in a stable machine equipped with a spacious and comfortable driving position.
Advanced hydraulic systems accelerate multifunctional tasks and cycle times, and provide superior lifting capacity. The D-Series models have optimal cooling and are designed to prevent debris from building up inside the machine. The tilting cab and other access points reduce the time required for daily maintenance and maintenance.

Automatic pliers

The automatic gripper function constantly monitors and adjusts the gripper pressure as needed to firmly hold the grapple load when skidding. For safer heavy load transport, the Auto Gripper feature provides higher pressures on D Series models due to the higher hydraulic system pressures of these models. This function is activated by a switch located on the right manipulator.

Electrohydraulic controls

The electrohydraulic controls of the grapple, the blade and the winch make it possible to use the tank with more precision, without the cabin being congested with pilot hydraulic lines.

Six-speed transmission

The field-proven Cat Shaft Powershift transmission easily adapts engine power to load and ground conditions. On D Series models, the ratios are distributed more evenly across the working range to optimize performance on the toughest terrain.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.