Cat® 374FL


The 374F L model has been designed to increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs while providing you with all the power, energy efficiency and reliability you've come to expect. you need to succeed.
The C15 ACERTÂ ™ engine complies with EPA Tier 2 / European Stage II or Tier 3 / Stage IIIA standards.
An exclusive Cat® Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve allows the machine to consume up to 28% * less fuel than models in the 374D L series, while ensuring the same level of production.
Automatic engine speed control reduces engine speed to reduce fuel consumption.
Power modes help you manage fuel consumption more actively.


Demolition work is easy with Cat universal shears or shears.
Quarrying is no problem with a specifically manufactured Cat hammer and bucket.
Cat attachments let you change accessories in seconds without leaving the cab.
The optional tool control can memorize the pressures and flow rates of 20 tools to improve productive time.


Arrows and arms ensure a long service life.
Boxed structures with thick multiply parts, castings and forgings are used in areas of high stress. Chain sliders, links, rollers, idlers and gearboxes are made of high-tensile steel.
The greased chain link between the axles and bushings increases the service life of the undercarriage and reduces noise


The intelligent refueling system refills the machine quickly from an external fuel source. It stops automatically when the tank is full or the source is empty, thus avoiding any approximation and premature wear of the pump.
Rear vision and side vision cameras improve visibility, ensuring greater efficiency.
A wide serrated step, extended handrails and guardrails, as well as a non-slip metal plating, make it easier to climb onto the machine and circulate on the platforms.

* Non-contractual photos. Differences in terms of specifications, engines, options, colors, may exist from one country to another.