Cat® 16M3


The 16M3 grader will have a direct impact on the costs and productivity of mine sites. The track can be the best asset as the worst handicap of the mine. When the tracks are kept in excellent condition, the lifespan of the trucks is longer and they are faster. Roads in good condition are essential for extending the life of the trucks and reduce maintenance, reduce fuel costs and tire wear. As a result, cycle times are improved and more ore is produced while reducing costs. The 16M3 model is perfectly adapted:
For small to medium scale mining operations (up to 150 tons dump truck).
Completes 24M scale grader fleets in large mining operations where additional versatility is required for construction and cleaning of ditches and embankments, maintenance of narrow secondary roads or slope / slope work.
The 16M3 has features that offer many benefits in reducing operating costs, increasing availability and performance, and improving safety.

fuel consumption

Powered by ACERT ™ technology, the C13 engine has been optimized to be as efficient as possible without compromising performance. Activating a new economy mode (ECO) helps you to check the maximum engine idle speed and make sure that the engine is operating in the most optimized way possible relative to fuel consumption, in order to achieve additional fuel savings.

productivity and longevity

The front frame's offset section is made of heavy-duty cast steel that improves stress distribution over this large loading area and thus extends component life. The structure of the rear frame is extended to facilitate access for maintenance of parts to the engine cowling, and also improve the balance of the machine. The steering cylinder of the front axle was designed to increase longevity and the hydraulic hoses were rerouted to improve reliability.

Easy maintenance

The modular cooling system simplifies removal and installation of cooling system components, reducing maintenance time. The engine cowling doors provide easy and complete access to the engine without being bothered by the crankcase frame. Similarly, extended maintenance intervals reduce the number of interventions and immobilization

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